Problem Solving Like a Boss

I don’t consider myself a really innovative person, yet I am often approached by people who ask me how I ‘come up’ with things.  My process is quite simple, and is just a matter of problem solving.

Example One:
I love shoes. I really want a new pair of glitter shoes. I don’t currently own glitter shoes, and feel as though my wardrobe is incomplete without them (this is a falsehood).
Do I have limitless funds and closet space? (No)
How do I acquire glitter shoes without sacrificing my budget and closet space?
Cover already-owned ugly coloured shoes in glitter, which allows me to save money and space, and sacrifice a small amount of time and effort. I also get to control the shade and glitteriness of the glitter, and the shoes are already broken in, which results in comfort and less blisters.

Example Two:
I have 9 rolls of wrapping paper in my ‘linen closet’ (ie the shelf where my costumes, towels, sheets, and spare hangers live). I love having many kinds of wrapping paper, but I dislike the way the rolls topple onto the ground when I pull back the sheet that covers the ‘closet.’ Ideally, I would love to have a gift wrapping area where I could organize my wrapping paper by colour and/or occasion.
Do I have any spare room for a ‘wrapping paper station?’ (No)
How do I store my many colours of wrapping paper in my limited ‘closet’ space?
Roll all of the wrapping paper onto one roll. I realize that this will not be convenient come Christmas time, but I figure that 11.5 months of NOT having multiple rolls of wrapping paper rolling all over is worth the hassle of having to unroll everything in December, especially if we’re going to move again.


Most of my problems are variations of the “Ohhhh I want that but I am too poor/cheap/environmentally friendly/lacking in closet space to buy it!” These two examples happened in the past two days and, with a small amount of thinking time and effort, both were solved with ‘creative’ solutions obtained by a logical problem solving process.

Have a great day.