Moving (bad things)

Moving blows. It combines so many sucky things.
1. Packing

Normally I love packing, like if it’s for a sweet trip or something. I like cramming tons of things into a tiny suitcase. It’s a bit like magic I guess, like those crazy tents in Harry Potter where it’s all “i’m small on the outside AND BIG ON THE INSIDE BWAHAHAHA” but with a suitcase so not as cool. However, I only really like doing one suitcase at a time, which is probably why I squish so much into it. Packing in boxes isn’t as neat because they are so rigid and smell kind of funny and give me paper cuts, and having to pack everything I own is super not fun because I have lots of dumb stuff like hangers and taxes and textbooks instead of just clothes and tiny bottles of shampoo. When I try to move, I look at all of that stuff and I’m like “do I really need this….*tilt head slightly to the side*…?” and then I try to throw everything out, which is really stupid.

2. Cleaning

If packing an apartment is like undressing a person, cleaning one would be like showering a person, except if instead of a shower you had to use toothbrushes. Wow, that metaphor went somewhere weird… Cleaning is normally my least favourite part of a day, which is weird because it’s not my least favourite part of moving.

3. Saying Goodbye

I suppose saying goodbye isn’t that bad anymore because it’s not like the olden days when all they had to communicate were letters and their mouths. Now we have phones, texting, Skype, and all that good stuff that it so easy to use but it super hard to remember to use. Saying goodbye nowadays isn’t really saying goodbye to a person, it’s more like saying goodbye to their physical presence, their hugs, smell, etc. Even though we can communicate with each other over long distances, saying goodbye still sucks. ACTUALLY I think it sucks more because now there is a guilt attached to it. Goodbyes are prolonged now…instead of simply being physically cut off from a person and cutting it quits, now we have to promise to keep in touch, halfheartedly text for a month or two, have some Skype dates that mostly consist of staring at each other, maybe send a few letters if we’re keeners, and then real life gets in the way and pfffft.

4. Travelling

Travelling for over 2.5 hours sucks balls, using any means of transport. If we could just teleport, moving would be so much better, but then I suppose we would have no reason to move in that case.

5. Paperwork

Moving as an adult blows because there are so many things to change and lot of forms and paperwork to fill out. I love how government departments don’t talk to each other so I have to fill out a billion forms for everything and it all goes to relatively the same place. I lied…I actually hate that. Moving to a different province is even worst because in Canada all the provinces hate each other and refuse to cooperate so now tax things are different, health care is different, utilities are different, and they hate our car. Oh, and the time zone is different, but that has nothing to do with paperwork…or does it?

5a. Paying money for things that aren’t useful or fun.

I suppose this goes without saying.

6. Unpacking

Normally I super love unpacking because it’s a bit like getting presents and knowing that you’ll like every single thing you open, but a problem arises when there is a lack of storage in your new place (ie where I am right now AKA the place with the weird closets). It becomes less like putting on a favourite sweater and more like squashing an obese person into a twelve year old’s tank top (where am I getting my metaphors from today, geez…???). Currently my apartment has half of mine and Chris’s wardrobe all over the place=one normal person’s wardrobe, and I’m trying to magically make all the clothes fit because I’m a wizard, except I’m not.

…and that’s the worst part of moving.

I’m not a wizard.





So I have a tumblr now. Well, I’ve had one for a while, but I’m actually posting stuff on it now. 
It’s become mildly successful because of a picture I posted of a sim deer disliking sim Peeta from the Hunger Games. I don’t really know what to make of all this. It’s kind of weird, because the tumblr is all about me playing the Sims 3.
So I play the Sims.
Then I blog about it.

I’m so ashamed.

If you want to follow me through two additional blogging platforms, my tumblr is here and my twitter is here (WARNING: I don’t tweet anything exciting…but then again, does anybody?). 

Problem Solving Like a Boss

I don’t consider myself a really innovative person, yet I am often approached by people who ask me how I ‘come up’ with things.  My process is quite simple, and is just a matter of problem solving.

Example One:
I love shoes. I really want a new pair of glitter shoes. I don’t currently own glitter shoes, and feel as though my wardrobe is incomplete without them (this is a falsehood).
Do I have limitless funds and closet space? (No)
How do I acquire glitter shoes without sacrificing my budget and closet space?
Cover already-owned ugly coloured shoes in glitter, which allows me to save money and space, and sacrifice a small amount of time and effort. I also get to control the shade and glitteriness of the glitter, and the shoes are already broken in, which results in comfort and less blisters.

Example Two:
I have 9 rolls of wrapping paper in my ‘linen closet’ (ie the shelf where my costumes, towels, sheets, and spare hangers live). I love having many kinds of wrapping paper, but I dislike the way the rolls topple onto the ground when I pull back the sheet that covers the ‘closet.’ Ideally, I would love to have a gift wrapping area where I could organize my wrapping paper by colour and/or occasion.
Do I have any spare room for a ‘wrapping paper station?’ (No)
How do I store my many colours of wrapping paper in my limited ‘closet’ space?
Roll all of the wrapping paper onto one roll. I realize that this will not be convenient come Christmas time, but I figure that 11.5 months of NOT having multiple rolls of wrapping paper rolling all over is worth the hassle of having to unroll everything in December, especially if we’re going to move again.


Most of my problems are variations of the “Ohhhh I want that but I am too poor/cheap/environmentally friendly/lacking in closet space to buy it!” These two examples happened in the past two days and, with a small amount of thinking time and effort, both were solved with ‘creative’ solutions obtained by a logical problem solving process.

Have a great day.

Why am I in school?

It’s that time of the year again.
The time for being antisocial.
The time for being unwashed, uncombed, undressed.
The time for hating myself for being in school.
The time for picking my face, braiding my hair, eating ramen.
The time for perusing tumblr for hours on end.
The time for typing ten words and calling it a success for the night.
The time for sharing looks of dismay/disgust with strangers in the hall.
The time for trolling Google books.
The time for pushing a paper out of my body like a 12 pound baby.
The time for endless blogging in lieu of research.

I’m currently nesting in my bed…procrastinating of course…debating whether I should work on my papers or play the Sim 3 until I pass out for the night. I’ve made some small successes for the day (aka actually typed something) and I feel as though I deserve some sort of reward.

I suppose that, in a way, this is sort of like being on a diet. I’ve eaten well for the first time in three months, and I feel as though I deserve an entire cake for this accomplishment.

I don’t, of course. Luckily, this little metaphor that I just made up is motivating me to write another 500 words before I go to bed. My reward for my previous accomplishment will be a nice mug of warm tea.

On a completely unrelated note, this guy is my hero. I like to think that once I am out of school I will be able to accomplish awesome things like this guy.

Prood Reading

re: “Prood Reading”

To Whom it may concern,

I’m sorry but we cannot fulfill your request at the time. I understand that you have high moral standards for your tutor, and do not wish for your essay to be exposed to any sort of sexual deviancy. If you wish for a greater variety of tutor, please attempt to submit your paper before one o’clock AM. As it stands, I will look over your paper and have it back to you within half an hour.

Have a nice day.

PS: I am currently naked.